How to Save Money on CBD in 2020

If there’s one thing that’s always changing, it’s the CBD industry. Rather than being reduced to the status of a low-down fad, CBD’s popularity is based on undeniable base benefits that are now expanding into other parts of the cannabis plant.

While the cannabinoid industry is still growing at a rapid click, hemp producers are practically throwing their products away. Hemp planters who experienced issues in 2019 aren’t going to grow for another season. If there’s no end in sight to humanity’s fascination with Cannabis sativa, why is the market experiencing a major transition, and how can you profit from these changes and save on your CBD purchases?

We’ll answer all these questions and more in this guide. Put on your thinking caps, because it’s time to dive into the smartest hacks for how to save money on CBD in 2020.

New types of CBD products—are they worth it?

Consumers are obsessed with CBD, which means that retailers are naturally interested in finding as many ways to sell CBD to consumers as possible. From CBD toothpicks to CBD shampoo to CBD eyeliner, there are plenty of cannabidiol-infused products that are so transparently capitalistic that they’re cringy. There are a few trending CBD product categories, however, that deserve detailed reviews:

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1. CBD flower

Hands down, CBD flower is the most interesting product category that has emerged over the last 18 months. When I first started writing about the benefits of CBD flower in early 2018, there was practically no buzz for this product category online. Very rapidly, however, CBD hemp flower has become more popular than practically any other hemp vertical. Why?


For years, CBD users thought oral tinctures were the most effective products for immediate results. While administering substances under your tongue does provide almost instant effects, inhaling the same substances usually results in greater effects that are even more instantaneous.


It’s great having the freedom to enjoy cannabis without getting high. Whatever your views on THC may be, we can all agree that terpenes are beneficial and hemp flower smells great. With many CBD hemp flower strains now mimicking THC-rich all-stars, you can even indulge in bonafide “weed” with no intoxicating properties.


Everything about CBD flower is convenient. Pricing is comparable with THC flower at dispensaries. It’s easy to light up or vape CBD flower at any time. Most importantly, you can buy CBD flower online and have it shipped anywhere in the United States. The best CBD products are those that are easiest to use and offer the most value, which guarantees CBD hemp flower a place in the cannabis pantheon for the foreseeable future.

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2. CBD cigarettes

Also called CBD pre-rolls or CBD joints, CBD cigarettes are convenient, on-the-go cannabidiol products that allow you to enjoy the benefits of hemp without any grinders, pipes, or mess. In some cases, the term “CBD cigarette” can refer to a tobacco cigarette with CBD infused, but this term is usually interchangeable with “CBD pre-rolls,” which we proudly offer here at

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CBD Flower Pre-Roll: The Wife

Our CBD pre-rolls are made with 100% hemp products from the crutch to the paper to, of course, the non-intoxicating dankness rolled inside. Even if you usually prefer vaping, CBGenius CBD pre-rolls are great for sharing with friends or enjoying on the spur of the moment. All you need is a lighter and some space to breathe, and a whole new world of CBD experiences opens up the moment you inhale your first CBGenius pre-roll puff.

3. CBD bath salts

As one of nature’s oldest “miracle cures,” Epsom salt has many benefits that make it a great natural healer in its own right. Combined with CBD, however, the benefits of Epsom salt take on a whole new light.

CBD bath salts come in all shapes and sizes, but most of these products consist of Epsom salt, CBD-rich hemp extract, and sometimes a few other substances for aroma or added benefits. Either with a scoop or by pouring the container directly into the bathwater, you add CBD Epsom salt to your bath and allow it to dissolve fully before stepping in for a soak.

While many CBD products are admittedly gimmicky, CBD bath salts make sense. Epsom salt has powerful healing qualities, and it’s easy to mix this mineral product with CBD. Bath salts aren’t the only way to enjoy CBD while you soak, though.

4. CBD bath bombs

With or without CBD, bath bombs take the benefits of bath salts and compress them into a convenient package. In addition to Epsom salt, bath bombs also contain baking soda, which packs bath salts into a fizzy bomb that slowly releases into the water over the duration of your bath.

The benefits of CBD bath bombs were so impressive we had to make some ourselves. Here are all the details:

Premium CBD Bath Bombs – 25mg – 50mg – 100mg – 200mg


  • 99+% Pure CBD Isolate
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Baking Soda
  • Citric Acid
  • Epsom Salt
  • Coconut Oil
  • Cornstarch

From the moment your CBGenius CBD bath bomb slips under the surface of your bathwater, it will start to fizz and release CBD throughout your tub. With up to 200mg of CBD to work with, you have plenty of CBD at your disposal, and soaking up your favorite cannabinoid might be more bioavailable than you think.

Sure, the CBD in your bath bomb is dispersed throughout around 50 gallons of water. This water constantly swirls around you when you bathe, however, and your pores become more permeable when they’re warm. As a result, anything you bathe in will try to find its way through your skin.

Grab a rubber duck and enjoy your CBD-infused soak for as long as you like.

5. CBD jelly beans

Now we’re getting into the arena of pure silliness. In retail, there’s a pervasive sense of, “If they’ll buy it, we’ll make it,” which has led to endless iterations of CBD edibles with no real benefits beyond those offered by capsules or any other oral CBD products.

Sure, CBD edibles can be fun, and they might be easier for kids to take. At this point, however, companies are racing to make new products that refresh the novelty of CBD.

Instead of purchasing pre-made CBD edible products that are probably full of artificial colorings and preservatives, why not make your own CBD edibles with hemp flower? When you cook hemp flower into food, you know exactly how much CBD you’re putting in, and you also have full control over the ingredients you use.

Eating CBD-rich hemp can easily become a core part of your diet if you make your own cannabidiol snacks, but most CBD edibles are more gimmick than they are substance.

Is CBD in drug stores good?

The 2018 Farm Bill opened up CBD commerce in the United States. At least, the retail world took the news that way. Major drug store and grocery chains started carrying CBD brands nearly overnight, but it’s been a rocky road from the start.

Almost as soon as Curaleaf products showed up on CVS shelves, for instance, they were nearly all pulled due to a very concerning official FDA warning letter. As a publicly-traded corporation, Curaleaf was more in it for the margins anyway, and CVS customers were forced to choose one option from among the thousands of CBD brands now on the internet. From the beginning, the “drug store CBD” model was doomed to the same fate as all brick-and-mortar retail businesses—obsolescence.

Even as late as early 2019, CBD was still a hot commodity with no established supply chain, and major retailers felt like they were getting great deals by bringing CBD-rich hemp products on board. Immediately after the 2018 Farm Bill, however, thousands upon thousands of farmers started growing low-THC cannabis, which (very predictably) saturated the industry. Now, major drug store chains are weary of constant regulatory changes, and the once-hyped “CVS CBD oil” has mainly turned out to be a non-starter.

Like everything else, consumers understand that they can get better CBD on the internet. The lamentably limited and often low-quality options offered in Walgreens CBD and CVS CBD sections will immediately disappoint any consumer who has shopped for hemp products online.

Front view of bookshelf with assorted books
Hit the books and learn about the legality of CBD in 2020.

2020 update—Is CBD legal in all 50 states?

It’s always good to be cautious when treading into the legal complexities surrounding CBD. Instead of making specific legal claims, we can only give general assessments. For instance, legislation regarding CBD and other non-intoxicating cannabinoids is moving in the right direction, but the day when hemp manufacturers will be able to advertise “100% legal CBD flower” is still a long way off.

From the beginning, it’s been clear that the FDA, DEA, and other relevant regulatory agencies will be unable to take meaningful action on CBD without ruling on the wider marijuana issue at simultaneously. As if to prove the point, hemp manufacturers have recently moved into CBG, CBC, and CBN production in an attempt to recapture the novelty of CBD. More cannabinoids arriving on the scene, however, has only made it more obvious that Cannabis sativa as a whole plant is in dire need of regulatory review.

Law enforcement officers nationwide continue to be unable to separate CBD-rich hemp from THC-rich marijuana. An overall culture of permissiveness toward cannabis use pervades. People want more cannabis, not less, and now that more cannabinoids have been released to the public, awareness and demand is even higher.

Since the TSA cleared CBD for air travel last year, it’s been relatively easy to spot the direction that CBD federal law in 2020 might be moving. An authoritarian crackdown on cannabinoid manufacturers may still be imminent, but all signs point to even greater CBD freedoms to be enjoyed throughout the current year and beyond.

How to save money on CBD—final tips

You’re up to date on all the ways that the CBD industry has changed so far and will continue to change throughout 2020. We’d like to leave you with a few tips on how to save money on CBD this year that condense everything we’ve covered into bite-sized, usable chunks:

Understand the industry

Take some time to learn the dirty secrets of the CBD industry. Read articles in investment publications, do deep research on social media, and explore every avenue possible as you soak up cannabis information like a sponge.

It’s the same with any industry—before you buy a car, you learn everything you can about what’s on the market. With CBD products, you’re taking your health in your own hands, so becoming an expert on cannabidiol, hemp, and even natural health in general is strongly recommended as you learn how to save money on CBD.

Keep bioavailability in mind

It’s not only the number of milligrams in your CBD product that you need to keep in mind. Did you know, for instance, that oral CBD capsules have around 15% bioavailability? That means only 15 out or every 100 milligrams of CBD you ingest in capsule form actually end up in your bloodstream, which means that capsules actually aren’t a great deal at any price.

CBD tinctures are significantly more bioavailable, but CBD flower is the product category to choose if you want to enjoy nearly 100% of the cannabinoids present in your CBD product. Since lighting cannabis flower on fire destroys a significant percentage of its active cannabinoids, try vaping instead.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

The best manufacturers are sometimes the worst communicators. If you aren’t sure about how a CBD product works or whether it’s a good deal, reach out to the company directly. Either via email or social media, a representative will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with total assurance prior to your purchase. Contact CBGenius anytime if you’re curious about our company or our products.

Buy in bulk

In almost every case, buying larger quantities of items ensures that you’ll receive better pricing. Sure, it’s more money upfront, but that’s how business works—the more volume you move, the more you get paid, so it’s easy to learn a merchant’s language.

You’ll find that many of the products at are cheaper when you purchase them in larger quantities. Our Cherry Wine CBD flower is more than 50% off when you buy a full ounce, and our discreet, smell-proof packages ship everywhere in the country.

Demand better products

As a consumer, your purchase is your voice. Every time you buy sub-par CBD products, you know you’re actively contributing to the worst parts of the industry. By supporting ethical CBD companies that make a difference, however, you’re doing your part to take hemp in the right direction.
At CBGenius, your support allows us to develop better and better products. From our new CBD flower line to breakthrough products soon to be added to the CBGenius lineup, our achievements are a testament to the true scientific power of hemp. There’s nothing miraculous or mystical about Cannabis sativa, but this plant has enough genuine benefits to convince any honest observer that it has a natural place in humanity’s 21st-century pharmacopeia.