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These days, it’s natural to look back and laugh at our CBD woes of yesteryear. You’ll tell your children that there once was a time when the medical benefits of cannabis weren’t fully exploited, and people had trouble accessing even the non-intoxicating parts of this plant.

The struggles we’ve all gone through, however, to spread the world about CBD far and wide are about to pay off. Promising signs around the nation (and around the world) indicate that public sentiment has shifted in favor of cannabis in a big way, and both producers and consumers of CBD products have more to hope for and less to fear.

Everyone whose life has been touched by CBD tells a similar story of triumph and newfound optimism. We aren’t exempt from the emotional aspects of the cannabidiol revolution just because we’re the ones who supply you with the best Colorado-grown, organic CBD hemp products this side of nirvana. Like you, our lives have been transformed by the healing power of the cannabis plant, and in this guide, we’ll cover some of your most frequently asked questions about CBD laws past, present, and future.

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Uncle Sam is keeping a close eye on cannabis – especially the Treasury Department

Federal laws on CBD

As I cover in detail in my History of CBD article, the US federal government and cannabis have a checkered past. While the feds have researched cannabis for decades, it was unilaterally decided long ago that this substance was to be precluded from the access of every person in our supposedly free country.

Over time, the obvious medical benefits of cannabis have forced the government to change its position. Now, it’s quite clear that the United States is in the process of bringing its fledgling cannabis industry into the fold. While each state that has legalized marijuana has its own quarantined market, many cannabis investors are dividing their funds among multiple states, and Canadian cannabis giants are gulping up independent American CBD companies like flies.

CBD federal law 2019

Something big is about to change in the world of CBD. Those of us within the industry are constantly speculating on the way things might turn out once the dust settles, but everyone who has been paying attention agrees that recreational marijuana, medical marijuana, and general market CBD are about to come under the purview of the government in a big way.

CBD federal law 2020

As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Or, if you’re the United States federal government, if you can’t beat them, regulate them. There’s no putting the genie back in the bottle when it comes to cannabis and CBD, and by 2020, expect to have a much clearer idea of what, exactly, pending federal cannabis legislation will look like.

CBD federal law 2021

It’s entirely possible that federal cannabis reform could be enacted as soon as January 1st, 2021. That’s a very optimistic estimate, however, and it’s more likely that whichever reform package ends up making it to the House floor won’t go live until 2022 or 2023. Regardless, 2021 will be the year that everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief now that cannabis prohibition is essentially over.

CBD laws in Ohio

The state of Ohio has recently made big moves to change its cannabis and CBD industries. Here’s the current state of Ohio CBD law along with projections into the future:

Ohio CBD law 2019

In July 2019, Ohio passed a law allowing hemp cultivation and CBD commerce within its borders. This change was triggered by the passage of the federal 2018 Farm Bill, which most analysts recognize as permitting the sale of CBD in the United States.

Ohio CBD law 2020

There are indications that CBD commerce in Ohio will ramp up significantly post-2019. Ohio has lots of fertile farmland, which makes it a great place to grow cannabis.

Ohio CBD law 2021

By 2021, expect Ohio to be home to both a thriving CBD industry and a fledgling recreational cannabis industry. Within a few short years, those states that haven’t adopted recreational cannabis will constitute a severely outnumbered minority.

Tampa Beach, Florida aerial view
Geriatrics, EDM, sandy beaches, and now CBD – Florida is as odd as ever

CBD laws in Florida

Florida recently passed landmark legislation that legalizes CBD in the Sunshine State. Learn more as we cover the current CBD climate in Florida.

Florida CBD law 2019

Two-thousand nineteen will long be remembered as the year that Florida passed Senate Bill 1020, which gives the green light to hemp growers in the Sunshine State and legalizes cannabis products with less than 0.3% THC. Now, Florida residents don’t have a care in the world when they purchase CBD tinctures, lotions, and other Colorado-grown, organic cannabidiol products at CBGenius.net.

Florida CBD law 2020

Florida is one of the agricultural epicenters of the United States, and it’s also home to one of the world’s biggest party cultures. At the same time, millions of retirees flock to cities like Naples and Palm Beach, all of which are factors will all come together to make Florida in 2020 a hotbed for exponential CBD and cannabis popularity growth.

Florida CBD law 2021

By 2021, expect Florida to be leading the nation as one of the continent’s premier growers and suppliers of hemp and marijuana products. With SB 1020 out of the way, Florida recreational marijuana legislation won’t be far behind, which will push the needle even further in favor of systemic domestic cannabis reform.

CBD oil Texas law

Texas is a politically divided state, and it also contends with California for the “biggest state” title across various metrics. However, Texas recently paved the way to a much more open and free intra-state cannabidiol market. 

CBD Texas law 2019

In 2019, Texas passed House Bill 1325, which legalizes CBD commerce and hemp cultivation in this state. Like many other states, Texas adopted the majority of the provisions detailed by the U.S. Hemp Roundtable’s Model State Act, which aims to create a universal framework of CBD law nationwide to streamline impending federal cannabis reform.

CBD Texas law 2020

The inspiration for HB 1325 was largely economic, which is the norm across the United States these days. It seems that everyone has suddenly discarded the old conversation regarding the social virtues and detractors of cannabis in light of the economically transformative power this plant so clearly has. Expect Texas in 2020 to be in the process of streamlining its domestic hemp industry.

CBD Texas law 2021

Texas may end up being slightly behind when it comes to ramping up its hemp industry. After all, we’re seeing that CBD law changes are often being used as “prerequisites” for cannabis reform, and conservative elements within Texan culture will firmly resist marijuana legalization for as long as possible. By 2022 or 2023, however, Texas will have come into alignment with the rest of the country by serving as a vital link in the blossoming cannabis supply chain. 

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Land of CBD, home of the brave

Cannabis laws in other states

Almost every state in the nation has recently changed its stance on CBD in one way or another. Cannabidiol is no longer something the Union can sweep under the rug, and here are some examples of how CBD law is changing in our nation’s other great states:

Indiana CBD law

Indiana is another example of a state that recently passed legislation legalizing CBD commerce. It’s now legal to possess and sell cannabis products with less than 0.3% THC in Indiana, which is giving hope to many residents who strive for equal access to cannabidiol.

South Carolina CBD law

We’ll be blunt: CBD law in South Carolina is a confusing mess right now. None of these chaotic political factors significantly impact your ability to possess and use CBD in South Carolina, and CBGenius proudly ships to this state. CBD flower raids are still relatively common in SC, but don’t worry⁠—befuddled sheriff’s deputies have been showing up at smoke shops and gas stations, not the homes of private citizens. 

Colorado CBD law

Colorado is the epicenter of the cannabis cultivation boom, and we’re proud to be a sustainable Centennial State CBD company. For more on CBD law in this state, please see my detailed CBGenius guide for Colorado.

California CBD law

Recreational cannabis is legal in California, but this state is still having some trouble onboarding its CBD laws. For more on CBD law in this state, please see my detailed CBGenius guide for California.

Utah CBD law

Utah recently passed cannabidiol reforms that utterly reshaped this state’s stance on CBD. For more on CBD law in this state, please see my detailed CBGenius guide for Utah.

The future of cannabis

Human beings and cannabis have a long history. This plant has been our companion since before the dawn of time, and while there have been certain moments in history in which Cannabis sativa and Homo sapiens have been at odds, ours has generally been a peaceful, symbiotic relationship.

We have no reason to expect anything different from the future of cannabis. In fact, we’ve learned so much more about this mystical plant in the last few decades that it’s only possible for our relationship to deepen from here on out. Now that we know the details of how cannabis works, we won’t be able to resist spilling this cask of cannabinoid jewels and searching through its contents.

The next century will be all about inner discovery. From gene editing to ultra-real virtual realities to quantum computing, life-hacking is about to take on a whole new level beyond our wildest imaginings.

Cannabinoids will be leading the charge throughout the 21st-century paradigm shift, and as we learn more about CBD, CBG, and the other non-intoxicating cannabis constituents, we’ll find out how to pinpoint their effects for efficient and ultra-potent benefits. CBGenius is in it for the long haul, so rely on us to supply the goods no matter how the CBD industry may change. 

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Enjoy CBGenius in all 50 states

We’re confident that cannabis will soon take its rightful place as a useful tool for medicine, industry, and science. The forces that govern the globe can only resist the will of the people for so long, and the citizens of the world are fervently clamoring for access to CBD.

At this point, we can’t make bold statements like, “CBD is perfectly legal, and we don’t mind becoming legally liable for saying so.” It’s our job to stay in business so you never lose your access to the best organic, non-GMO CBD products Colorado has to offer, so we can’t be reckless. Slow and steady wins the race, and at CBGenius, we’ll be your constant guide as the history of CBD unfolds all around us.

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