Pulmonary administration: How do you inhale CBD?

From vaping CBD hemp flower to rolling up CBD buds for smoking, people everywhere are getting onboard the CBD inhalation craze. Is smoking CBD flower safe? Among the two, vaping CBD is definitely the safer option. Even if you want to smoke CBD flower, however, you might find that using CBD this way is highly beneficial.

Looking up CBD vape benefits on Reddit is likely to get you nowhere fast, which is why you need a CBD information source that you can trust. Backed by PhD cannabis scientist Dr. Kevin Marchitto, CBGenius is the foremost authority on cannabidiol and other cannabinoids within the general market CBD industry; unlike many of our competitors, we actually know what we’re talking about. Shop at our online store to get the best prices on organic, Colorado-grown CBD products that have been formulated with the utmost care and attention.

Why would you want to inhale CBD?

There are lots of reasons why inhaling CBD might be appealing. Pulmonary administration, which is the technical term for inhaling a substance, provides almost immediate effects that are generally quite strong. That’s because inhaling a substance like CBD bypasses your liver and other organs that might filter out the cannabidiol you ingest.

Plus, your lungs have a mainline to your brain since this organ requires an incredible amount of oxygen to operate. A vast quantity of blood flows between your lungs and your brain every time you feel your pulse, and when you inhale CBD, you know you’ll enjoy the effects you’re looking for within a mere heartbeat.

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Smoking CBD flower benefits

The effects of pulmonary administration of CBD generally last for 45 to 60 minutes. Since this duration of effect is somewhat lesser than other cannabidiol products, you may want to combine inhaling CBD with using CBD another way. CBD tinctures, for instance, pair perfectly with vaping or smoking CBD, and if you feel the need for this cannabinoid in any specific location on your body, you might want to apply a CBGenius topical product as well.

As a general rule, The FDA likes to keep product sales and product education as separate as possible, which is why regulations prevent us from commenting in detail about the potential medical benefits of inhaling CBD. We strongly encourage you to visit your favorite search engine and type in “CBD studies” along with the condition or topic you want to know more about.

While clinical and animal studies are never definitive, published research can provide you with a better idea of how CBD may work for your particular condition. Interestingly enough, the FDA treats anything on our website as labeling for our products, so the mere act of linking to a scientific study could be considered as adding that study to our labeling along with any medical claims it may inadvertently contain.

From a more personal perspective, we wholeheartedly believe that CBD flower is highly beneficial, which is why we have worked so hard to source the highest-quality hemp to be found anywhere in the state of Colorado. There’s nothing quite like getting CBD right from the source, and it’s possible that using CBD flower may have benefits above and beyond any other cannabidiol product type.

Is smoking CBD bad for your lungs?

You’re convinced that the benefits of inhaling CBD are incredible, but you have to know: Is smoking CBD safe? We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but it’s a solid fact that smoking is never good for you no matter how many benefits the substance you smoke may have. Lighting plant material on fire and inhaling it into your lungs introduces tons of free radicals and carcinogens into your body, so this practice should be avoided whenever possible.

In the past, it wasn’t effective or affordable to vaporize cannabis flower as an alternative to smoking. With the steady improvement of dry herb vape pen technology, however, it’s now possible to vape your own CBD herb with cutting-edge equipment for a reasonable price.

Of course, you can always go the traditional route with a tabletop ceramic vaporizer, and however you choose to vaporize CBD, remember that inhaling plant oil vapor is much easier on your body than smoking. It’s possible that certain constituents in cannabis flower may be potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, and by choosing to vape and not smoke your CBD hemp flower, you’re giving these beneficial compounds more room to work their magic.

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What types of CBD smoke and vape products are there?

At this stage in the evolution of the CBD industry, cannabidiol inhalants have diversified into a wide array of different categories. Here’s a brief, informative guide to some of the most popular ways to inhale CBD:

1. CBD flower

As the most natural method for inhaling cannabidiol, CBD-rich hemp flower leads the pack as the 21st century’s answer to smoking CBD. It’s easier than ever to vape CBD from home or on the go, and you have a solid legal defense with a basis in federal law if a well-intentioned law enforcement officer mistakes your pungent hemp for illegal marijuana.

If you’re concerned about the legality of using or possessing CBD flower where you live, we suggest you consult with a cannabis lawyer. We can say with confidence, however, that CBD and cannabis law is becoming less restrictive all over the country, and people are learning about the benefits of CBD flower at the same pace.

There are lots of different strains of CBD flower, and there are lots of different ways to use this type of cannabidiol product. You can go the old-school route and roll up a joint or load up your bong bowl with CBD-rich hemp, or you might prefer setting up a tabletop vaporizer instead.

Many people like to invest in a rechargeable dry flower vape pens, which offer a portable solution whenever you want to indulge in the effects of Colorado-grown CBGenius CBD flower. However you want to enjoy this type of CBD, remember that cannabis is a bioaccumulator that is prone to harboring toxins, which means that only organic hemp like the kind we use at CBGenius is acceptable for smoking or vaporizing.

2. CBD carts

In the vaping subculture, “cart” is short for cartridge, and this term refers to the disposable cartridges that you can attach to the end of vape rig batteries. We offer pre-filled disposable CBD vape carts here at CBGenius.net, and we invite you to find out for yourself the difference that keeping your ingredients simple and natural makes when it comes to vaping CBD.

3. CBD vape juice

Vape juice generally consists of two main base substances that serve as carriers for active ingredients. Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are used in almost every vape juice product on the market, and so far, these two substances are the only ingredients that have generally been agreed upon as being safe for use in vape cartridges and similar products.

CBGenius vape cartridges only include organic CO2-extracted CBD oil, natural flavoring, PG, and VG. Steer clear of any companies that use MCT oil or hemp seed oil as bases for their vape cartridges. These substances may not be safe for vaping, and they could cause potentially life-threatening conditions like lipoid pneumonia.

When formulated correctly, vape juice can provide greater flexibility than other forms of inhalable CBD products. With vape juice, for instance, it’s possible to add terpenes, beneficial botanicals, and other natural substances to CBD if so desired. We’ve decided to keep things simple at CBGenius when it comes to our vape juice lineup, but we appreciate all the creativity in the industry that is keeping people interested in vaping CBD.

4. CBD pre-rolls

A pre-roll is a joint that has been rolled before sale for your convenience. Grinding up hemp flower and rolling it into the perfect non-intoxicating CBD doobie is tricky for even the most seasoned cannabis smoker, and at CBGenius, we want to make things as easy for you as possible. By offering pre-rolls as part of our brand-new CBD flower lineup, we provide an alternative to the daily grind and make it easy to indulge in the benefits of CBD flower instantly the moment your CBGenius package arrives.

5. CBD cigarettes

In some cases, people may refer to CBD joints as “CBD cigarettes,” but in other contexts, this term might refer to pre-rolled tobacco products that are infused with isolate CBD. At CBGenius, we don’t believe that using tobacco products is healthy for you, and the presence of CBD does not make smoking any healthier. With that said, we do appreciate all the creativity in the industry that is giving rise to categories of products that nobody could have imagined a mere five years ago.

6. CBD Juul pods

Juul is an ultra-popular nicotine vape cartridge brand, and many CBD vape product manufacturers specifically design their disposable vape pods to be compatible with the iconic Juul design.

To be clear, Juul itself does not make vape pods with CBD as of 2019. Rather, certain CBD companies have taken the liberty of adopting the Juul vape pod style with their products. 

7. CBD dabs

“Dabbing” is the vaporization and inhalation of raw cannabis oil. In most cases, the viscous oil that is extracted from hemp flower is mixed with other ingredients to formulate products that can be eaten, drunk, or applied topically, but a variety of different devices have been developed that allow you to experience the full, unadulterated effects of cannabidiol concentrate “fresh from the vine.”

If you’re interested in dabbing CBD, we suggest you start with CBD flower. Most strains of CBD-rich hemp flower contain 10-20% cannabidiol, but CBD dabs usually consist of 60% or more pure CBD, which might be too overwhelming for a newbie. Take things slow, and adapt to your new CBD regimen at your own rate.

Is inhaling CBD safe?

It’s generally agreed that the cannabidiol molecule itself is very well-tolerated in human subjects. It is one of the most benign members of the cannabinoid family, and its main side effects are sleepiness, dry mouth, and mild digestive discomfort.

Therefore, there does not appear to be anything inherently dangerous about introducing the CBD molecule into your body via your lungs. Some people argue that the lungs were never meant to be an administration route for drugs and other substances, but inhaling pure plant oil vapor does not appear to pose any serious health risks.

If the plant oils you inhale have medical properties, pulmonary administration may actually be highly beneficial. Always consult with your doctor before you start using a new substance, and keep in mind that CBD is known to interact with certain prescription medications.

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