Top 10 Ways to Save Money on CBD

We understand that CBD is expensive. The current regulatory status of the industry is pushing costs higher than they should be, and as the CBD market stabilizes, we should see prices go down significantly.

Right now, however, it’s natural to look for every possible opportunity to save on the CBD products that you’ve come to love. As we snuggle into autumn and the holiday shopping season grows nearer, it’s time to reflect on some of the best tools you can use to keep more money in your pocket when you shop at

1. Wait for sales

Running sales offers benefits to both producers and consumers. Producers get to enjoy an increased number of sales for a certain period of time, and consumers get to save money on their orders. Therefore, most CBD companies will run sales from time to time. It’s an effective marketing technique, and everybody wins.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to the newsletter of your favorite CBD company. Then, click through to the company’s social media pages, and give the brand a follow. Plugging yourself into your favorite CBD company’s network will make sure that you never miss a sale. Many CBD consumers wait until sales to get their products, and you can jump on the bandwagon when you subscribe to the CBGenius newsletter today.

2. Look for coupon codes

Coupon codes can sometimes turn up in the most surprising places. Some brands hide their coupon codes deep in the text to their websites, and others created codes years ago that they’ve long forgotten about. A Google search can sometimes turn up hidden coupon codes for your favorite brand, but codes are also often provided in conjunction with sales or in the content of monthly newsletters.

In some cases, it might be possible to combine sales and coupon codes to get super-discounts. Keep in mind, however, that many CBD companies are operating on very small margins as it is. Cannabidiol is expensive to produce, which means you might not be able to stack your discounts. It might, however, be possible to take note of coupon codes you don’t want to use right now and stash them away for later.

3. Ask for discounts

Sometimes, saving money on CBD is as simple as asking. Many companies will provide discounts on a case-by-case basis, and you may also be able to receive a discount as a veteran or first responder. It never hurts to ask, and even if your favorite brand directs you to the nearest sale or coupon code, you still gain an opportunity to save that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

4. Become an affiliate

If you aren’t aware of how you can make money with affiliate opportunities, now‘s the time to listen in. Whether you have a successful blog or a huge social media following, there are various attributes that might put you in a perfect position to make money as a CBD affiliate.

You can then apply your affiliate earnings toward the CBD products you love, which ends up being a type of discount. Since you need to have access to a large group of viewers or followers, being affiliate isn’t for everyone. Even if you only generate a couple of sales per month, however, that’s more than enough to put a sizable dent in your monthly CBD expenditures.

5. Sign up for loyalty programs

Some CBD companies offer loyalty programs that allow you to rack up points and save on each order. Other companies reward their loyal customers with periodic sales or other discounts, so whichever way you show your loyalty to your favorite CBD brand, you’ll end up getting rewarded.

6. Leave reviews

If a review you leave for a CBD product truly stands out, you might end up getting yourself a free product. CBD brands rely heavily on customer reviews to get their messaging across, and this user-generated form of product information is highly trusted by other consumers. If your positive CBD product review has the right placement, it could generate dozens of sales for the company that you want to see grow and prosper. Leaving reviews is just good karma, and with the right amount of luck, you might be almost instantly rewarded.

7. CBD product bundles

Depending on the brand and on the products, it might sometimes be possible to bundle CBD products together and save. The more volume a CBD company moves, the faster it grows, which sometimes makes it possible to reduce costs for products that are sold together.

8. Calculate the price-per-milligram

Calculating the price-per-milligram (PPMG) of the CBD products you’re considering can be a helpful tool when you’re trying to save money on cannabidiol. To make this calculation, simply divide the milligrams of CBD in the products by the product price. The resulting decimal will be the number of cents each milligram of CBD in the products costs, and this information can help you tell when you’re getting a good deal and when you’re getting scammed.

9. Use CBD the right way

Learning how CBD works can help you use your cannabidiol products more efficiently. It’s easy to waste CBD accidentally, so make sure to check the product instructions thoroughly before you use a new type of CBD for the first time.

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10. Work with the right brand

Some CBD brands are only in it for the money. They use inferior ingredients, and they charge more than they should. Learning everything you can about a CBD company you’re considering working with can help you protect yourself from getting burned. We’d love to learn more about you here at CBGenius, and if you’d like to know anything about us, we’d be happy to let you know.