Does CBD Help Horses? – Updated 2019 Guide

CBD for Horses

It’s natural to want to give CBD to your horse. After experiencing the power of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid for yourself, you want to share it with your equine friend. Especially if you and your horse compete, you’re looking for anything that will give you the edge, and all this talk about the therapeutic potential of cannabidiol is certainly intriguing.

Are there any risks of giving CBD to your horse, however? How about finding CBD products for horses that don’t contain contaminants or junk ingredients? Figuring out who you can trust takes courage in the CBD Wild West, but I’ll help you along your way with this guide to CBD, horses, and everything in between.

Is CBD for horses safe?

Like food for humans, the FDA also regulates food for pets. This agency’s primary job is to protect the health of people, but pet health is also important to the safety of our country. The FDA prevents manufacturers from putting dangerous ingredients in pet food or using unhygienic production processes.

Generally, the FDA bundles its ruling on a particular substance for people with its ruling on that substance for animals. Therefore, we can expect guidance from the FDA on CBD for horses just as soon as this agency rules on CBD for humans. When will that be, however?

As a man with his ear to the ground of the CBD industry, I can tell you the scuttlebutt is that the FDA will probably rule on CBD around the same time that Congress rules on cannabis in general, which could take place before the 2020 election. What’s certain is that cannabis reform is a top priority for the federal government right now, and providing proper regulatory guidance on CBD is a key part of this sweeping reform package.

What types of CBD oil for horses are there?

We won’t be able to make any definitive statements on the safety or benefits of CBD for horses until the FDA gives the go-ahead, but that doesn’t stop us from talking about the amazing products offered here at There are tons of different ways to give CBD to your horse, and there are plenty of different product types to get the job done:

CBD treats for horses

CBD oil treats for horses are one of the most common product options in this niche category. Infusing horse pellets with CBD is surprisingly simple, and the ingredients for horse treats are easy to come by. Watch out for CBD companies that use inferior ingredients in their CBD horse pellets. You might be better off squeezing a dropperful of CBGenius Full-Spectrum CBD+ Oil Elixir onto your favorite horse treat and watching it absorb.

CBD topicals for horses

If your horse has hot spots or other skin conditions, looking for a topical solution makes sense. For horses, water-based topicals are superior to oil-based topicals. These fast-absorbing skincare products deliver their ingredients into the skin within moments before absorbing into the bloodstream and passing throughout the body.

We formulated our Scented Topical CBD Cream 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD for humans, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t apply it to your horse’s skin as well. Simply take a small dab of lotion, and rub it into your equine companion’s skin until it fully absorbs.

CBD tinctures for horses

You can also add CBD tincture to your horse’s water or food. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even try applying CBD tincture directly into your horse’s mouth.

Giving your horse CBD tincture has a couple of important benefits. First, this method is a great way to give your horse high doses of CBD, which is necessary to achieve anything close to the milligram-to-kilogram ratio used in most CBD animal studies.

Also, CBD tinctures absorb through the lining of your horse’s mouth, which provides nearly instant penetration into the bloodstream. When your horse swallows the tincture, the CBD oil you administered will start working the same way as any other orally-ingested CBD product.

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How do you pick the right amount of CBD for your big, beautiful steed?

What’s the right CBD dosage for horses?

At this time, there is no official CBD oil dosage for horses. Since the FDA hasn’t ruled on the safety of CBD, this agency also hasn’t released dosage guidelines for this cannabidiol application. We can, however, use some basic common sense to puzzle this issue out.

How big are horses? You realize just how much larger these animals are than humans the first time you get close to one. With such incredible body mass, dosages that work for humans won’t deliver the same effects. As with all other things related to your horse, you’ll simply need more CBD than you would for a human-sized body.

There are some exceptions, however. When treating skin conditions that are limited to small areas, for instance, it isn’t necessary to use any more CBD lotion for your horse than you would use on a similarly-sized patch of your own skin.

When it comes to oral ingestion, however, far greater doses of CBD are required to achieve the desired effects in horses. While the equine digestive system is different than our own, horses have livers just like humans, and horse livers serve a similar function to human ones. Your horse’s well-intentioned liver will filter out the majority of the CBD you feed it, and you’ll need to factor this variable into your dosage calculations.

CBD and horses – What are the benefits?

Since the FDA hasn’t ruled on the safety of CBD for horses, we could get ourselves in legal trouble if we speculate on the potential benefits of CBD for horses. We can, however, comment on some of the ways that people are using CBD for horses:

1. CBD for horse skin conditions

Just like us, horses get skin conditions, and these conditions can be just as painful as they are in humans. Many horse owners wish they could alleviate the suffering of their equine friends without resorting to dangerous or synthetic substances, and it’s becoming increasingly common to use CBD for topical conditions in horses.

2. CBD for horse competitions

Whether you want your horse to be the prettiest or the fastest, anything you do to improve your steed’s overall health and well-being will help both of you get the blue ribbon. If the rumors about CBD are true, this substance might be just the thing to load into your horse trailer the next time you head down to the fairgrounds.

3. CBD for horse digestive health

Some horse owners believe that CBD improves the digestive health of their steeds. These results haven’t been corroborated by science, but based on what we know about how CBD operates in mammalian biology, it’s possible that research will eventually confirm the benefits of this cannabidiol application.

The current state of CBD for horses research

At this point, it’s safe to say that there is zero existing research on CBD for horses. While some individual institutions or companies might be looking at this topic, there is no scientific literature on the subject, and there is no indication that any major CBD for horses studies are currently underway.

As CBD becomes increasingly popular, it’s likely that the use of this substance will expand into many applications that aren’t currently mainstream. The more that cannabidiol and cannabis infuse themselves into contemporary culture, the more impetus there will be to fund studies into niche subjects like CBD for horses.

A word of caution as you do your research: While it’s true that humans and horses are both mammals, these two links split off a shared evolutionary chain millions of years ago. There are significant genetic variations between humans and horses, which means that the results of human studies might not apply to equines.

After all, research on CBD for humans hasn’t yet reached a stage that demands comprehensive regulatory action from the FDA. If a substance hasn’t even been approved for widespread use in humans yet, it’s a given that regulating that substance for horses is still a long way off.

Where to buy CBD horse pellets

Despite the fact that CBD is so popular, finding good CBD pellets for horses can be tricky. Many horse owners choose to infuse their favorite horse pellets with CBD tincture instead. It’s easy to do, and this option gives you total control over the dose you give your hose and the ingredients in your pellet. You can even make your own pellets and add CBD to them later. Here’s our CBGenius CBD horse pellet recipe:

  1. Assemble your feed base ingredients. Alfalfa, flax, and rice bran are all great starting points. As with normal horse feed, break all these components down into a ground-up, powdery substance.
  2. Mix in some coconut oil or another plant oil that helps introduce healthy fats into your horse’s diet. Keep in mind that hemp seed oil is a great alternative to coconut oil.
  3. Add salt, vitamins, minerals, and whatever else you usually add to your horse feed. If you already have pre-mixed feed, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.
  4. Add as much CBD tincture as you like. Remember that your horse is big, and choose your concentration accordingly.
  5. Unless you have industrial horse feed equipment, simply add a pinch of water to the mixture, and then form it into pellet-shaped chunks. The feed will dry into a hard pellet.
CBD for Horses Can Increase Performance and Happiness
Can CBD give your horse a competitive edge?

CBD, horses, and competitions – What you need to know

Everyone at the horse show will want to know why your mount keeps stealing first place. Equestrian events have always served as opportunities for horse owners to share notes and gossip about the latest trends in the industry, and more people use CBD for their horses than you’d realize.

Before you give CBD to a competition horse, make sure to check the event’s rules for doping. Since CBD doesn’t act as a steroid or a stimulant, there’s no reason to exclude this non-intoxicating, natural oil from the list of allowed substances. At the same time, however, you don’t want to get disqualified for such a silly technicality.

Find out if other attendees also give CBD to their horses, and compare the quality and pricing of the brands you use. Each and every time, you’ll find that CBGenus CBD outperforms the competition and brings home the blue.

Hemp for horses – A match made in heaven

Is hemp oil for horses safe? We’ll have to wait until the FDA rules on the safety of CBD for animals before we can make any definitive statements on that matter. However, there are plenty of reasons that horses and hemp oil belong together aside from the fact that they both start with “H.”

Regarding CBD for pets, the ASPCA says that “since these products are not FDA approved, they do not undergo the same quality control measures as medications do, which could potentially prove to be problematic.” At the same time, however, this prestigious organization points out that the “laws around use of cannabis in people and pets have been slow in keeping up with public opinion,” which reinforces the fact that the government can’t stop people from giving CBD to their horses forever.

Hemp is an excellent horse feed, and the medical properties of Cannabis sativa may also apply to horses. We simply haven’t done enough research on the subject to make sure, but it appears that the equestrian world and the world of hemp agriculture aren’t that far apart after all.

The more that hemp expands into the horse market, the better the CBD industry will do, and the more that horse lovers give CBD to their steeds, the more they’ll enjoy competitions and day-to-day equestrian life. Whether you want to win it all or simply go on long, meandering rides with your best friend, giving CBD to your horse is a winning combination.

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You already have the tools you need to help your horse overcome its limits and put forth the performance of its lifetime. All it takes is a little CBGenius CBD to show your horse a whole new world, and for equestrians who truly love their horses, there’s no better way to show your affection for the animal you’ve bonded with so closely.

There are a few reasons that it’s hard to find the perfect amount of CBD to use and the right product type to try, which is why expert consultation can come in handy. If there’s anything you still need to know about how, when, or why to give CBD to your horse, CBGenius is standing by to lend a helping hand.