Treating Arthritis and Frequent Joint Pain with CBD

In the United States today, over a third of Americans suffer from some form of joint pain, and around 54 million suffer from arthritis in particular. Such debilitating conditions can significantly reduce one’s quality of life and independence in day-to-day living, and many personally know at least one person suffering from some form of these conditions. These problems can develop not only as a consequence of aging or strenuous activity, however, but as a result of any kind of continuous joint stress or overwork. As an example, knitting is a popular hobby often associated with finger and wrist pain. In fact, there are over 38 million knitters in the United States alone, of whom a majority are over the age of 45. Especially at this age, frequent needlework or other intricate handcrafting can lead to muscle tension and strain in the knuckles, wrists, and upper arms that can significantly hamper one’s ability to continue such activities for long periods of time. Considering the impact that chronic joint pain can have on one’s daily routines, reducing the intensity and duration of this pain is a priority to many, and many have settled on expensive pain medication, physical therapy, or abandoning their hobbies entirely as a result.
Knitting Pain
Knitting and Pain are “Hand in Hand”

CBD as a Solution

However, for some there may be another solution to alleviate their joint pain. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a medicinal product that can be used as an alternative pain reliever to traditional medications or treatments. CBD is a federally-legal substance derived from the hemp plant that does not contain any detectable THC (the psychoactive ingredient present in marijuana) and is completely safe for use as a topical analgesic. Being a member of the cannabis family, it carries several of the same medicinal benefits typically associated with medical marijuana. CBD can be used in several different ways, including as an oil, tincture, or lotion. CBD can potentially improve a host of pain-related symptoms, such as:
  • Arthritis
  • General pain
  • Headaches
  • Sore muscles
  • Tension
  • Stress injury
Additionally, various studies have shown CBD to be an effective pain killer when compared to traditional prescription opiates. One study conducted by UC Berkeley and Kent State University found that 93% of patients administered medicinal cannabis (containing a significant percentage of CBD) preferred it to prescription opioids for managing their pain. Additionally, the study found that 97% of the participants felt they were able to reduce their use of prescription opioids when also using medicinal cannabis. Considering the current concerns over the addictive potential of long-term use of prescription opioids for pain management, such information appears to show promise for CBD as a safer and more effective solution for treating chronic pain.
CBD Pain Relief
CBD provides faster-than-ever pain relief

How CBGenius Can Help

CBGenius has reported that many of their consumers are now using CBD for the relief of pain related to the overuse of their hands from their hobbies, including knitting and other finger-intensive activities. The users are applying CBD topically on their hands, wrists, and upper arms and have reported significant pain relief for up to several hours. A study in the journal Future Medical Chemistry supports such testimony by suggesting that inflammation and pain can be reduced with the use of CBD products. Additionally, a 2010 study in the Journal of Pain Research similarly concluded that such use for CBD appears promising, especially for the treatment of inflammation. Indeed, for those who don’t want to risk having to relegate their needlework to only a few times a month or abandon their hobbies entirely, CBD lotions and creams may be their best option.

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