Dabbing CBD: What Is It and How Do I Dab CBD?


For those unfamiliar, dabs are inhalations of highly concentrated heated matter, typically used for receiving a high dose of a substance in a very short period of time. Well-known in the world of recreational cannabis products in association with using THC, people are now dabbing cannabidiol (CBD) as well due to its convenience and the expedited onset of effects compared to other methods of use.

To understand dabbing CBD, one must first understand a bit about cannabinoids in general. Cannabinoids are compounds in the cannabis/hemp plant that bind to receptors in the human body, mainly within the brain. There are many different cannabinoids found in cannabis. For example, THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the altered state felt when ingesting cannabis (the “high”). CBD refers to a cannabinoid that has no psychoactive effects; rather, CBD can have positive effects on the body and in the treatment of various health conditions.

CBD is used for a variety of reasons. CBD has shown to potentially have a protective effect on the brain in preventing degenerative brain conditions. Studies have also shown positive results with the use of CBD to treat several mental health issues including social phobias and anxiety. Additionally, chronic pain is often treated with CBD, providing pain relief and an anti-inflammatory effect. For all of these conditions, timely relief is important, which is where dabs come into play.

What are CBD Dabs?

CBD dabs are just what they are in the THC-world, but with CBD. That is, they are small, concentrated doses of a substance containing CBD heated up and consumed in one go and intended for quick, strong relief.

The development of CBD-dominant strains of marijuana occurred in response to the high demand for medicinal cannabis products that did not contain high amounts of THC that would otherwise impair the function of the user. However, there is a delay between the ingesting or smoking or cannabis and the onset of its effects; for example, edible marijuana has an onset delay of about 30-60 minutes, which isn’t practical if one needs quick relief, and although sublingual CBD products are faster acting, they still do not match up to a vaporizer or dabbed hit. Only with the introduction of dabbing was a method of instantly feeling the effects of CBD easily available to consumers, which is especially relevant when it comes to using CBD to treat medical conditions or discomfort.

There are many forms of CBD dab substance.

How Do I Take a CBD Dab?

To take a dab of CBD, one must use what is called a “dab rig”. These are glass pieces made specifically for dabs, consisting of a glass water pipe and a metallic nail on which the CBD is placed. A handheld torch is first used to heat the nail, and then a CBD concentrate (such as CBD wax) is placed onto the nail to vaporize. Alternatively, one can use an electronic nail that heats itself to the proper temperature to eliminate the need for a torch in heating the nail. To scoop the CBD-containing substance onto the nail, one should use a “dab tool”, which is simply a thin, metallic spoon. All these tools are readily available online and are commonly sold together as “dab tool-kits”.

Once the nail is the appropriate temperature, apply the concentrate to the hot surface with the dab tool. Once applied to the nail, the CBD wax will turn to smoke you can inhale through the glass pipe. It is recommended to not dab off of a red-hot nail as it is harder on the lungs and ruins the taste of the smoke; rather, wait for the nail to cool at least 20 seconds before inhaling. Also, make sure to inhale slowly and steadily to avoid straining the lungs. Then, the alleviating benefits of CBD will likely be felt very quickly!