Does CBD Help Horses?

CBD for Horses Offers a Host of Benefits
Disclaimer: If you would like to purchase CBD for horses, please give us an email at We do not have a product for this as it is highly dependent on your horse’s activity level, weight, and afflictions. A professional analysis of your personal situation would be required.

Why Should I Give My Horse CBD?

Finding the correct regimen of supplements for your horse can be tedious and expensive. However, with the help of CBD, you can alleviate the stress of finding the perfect combination of products by reaping all the same benefits in one easy to use product. CBD for animals of all types and sizes is a growing trend that has given rise now in the equine community. Horse owners are always searching for new ways to make their equine companion as comfortable and happy as possible. Implementing CBD or hemp oil into your horse’s routine is an easy way to improve your mount’s quality of life.
CBD for Horses Can Increase Performance and Happiness
CBD and Horses are a Great Mix.

Problems CBD for Horses Can Solve

Does your horse suffer from anxiety in the stable or away at competition? Does your horse refuse to stand still for the farrier or when it is time to be body-clipped? Hemp for horses can make all of these barn rituals much easier and relaxing for both you and your horse. Above all, hemp for horses is easy to use by veterinarians or trainers. Some common afflictions CBD can help treat in horses include:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain due to muscle overuse
  • Joint pain
  • Appetite irregularities
CBD for horses is easily administered underneath the tongue of your horse through the use of a syringe. This makes it a useful tool in the vet’s office or around the barn. Hemp oil is a natural product without the artificial additives you might find in any other supplements.

CBD Plus Horses Equals Win

Successfully getting your horse to a show can be a nightmare without the proper planning and care taken care of in advance. With strict competition rules, it can be challenging to find products that are allowed in the arena as well as at home that can help alleviate your horse’s stress and make it perform at it’s very best. Hemp oil answers all of these concerns. With the use of hemp oil, your horse is able to enter a calmer state of mind and therefore perform at its very best. All a horse owner ever wants is for their horse to be happy and healthy. Adding hemp oil to your horse’s routine is a natural solution to improve your equine friend’s quality of life. From bad behaviors at the barn such as cribbing or weaving to challenges with other activities such as loading into the trailer, the use of hemp oil can make these negative experiences for your horse much more positive. While it can be difficult to find the best combination of products for your horse, hemp oil is a wonderful addition or replacement to your horse’s daily supplements. A Horse